Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shopping Trip/ Whiskey Dix

I was Nashville bound as soon as I dropped by Starbucks & picked me up a little treat for on the way. My treat was extra tasty! I enjoyed it very much... Once arriving I went to Cheri & John place to pick the lady up of course! Cheri & I got in her vehicle & we was off to shop. We love shopping but then again don't most ladies? We had some great music on the way to the mall & then once there we got some pretty great goodies if I do say so myself... I am gonna post a picture of my 4 favorite goodies! 

See now are they not the cutest goodies? I loved them oh so very much! 

While trying on clothing & such this was my dressing room! I think it so fits me... I mean I am a girlie girl after all! Appropriate right? I thought so :)

This was Cheri's dressing room! I am not sure it fits her country girl attire but she is a rockstar friend in my eyes so I deemed it great :) She rocked the socks off that dressing room... 

We tried coconut water & needless to say we both agreed with 2 thumbs down! We hated it... 

I love my Judith March dress! Do you? It is without a doubt classy, & sweet as I am if I do say so myself.. I was more then ready to go downtown to have a great girls night! 

Here is a closer photo :) The dress looks white in this photo but I promise its not! It actually is tan with teal underneath attached with a cute pink flowers! 

Us ladies! We also had several others with us but it was just way to crowded at Whiskey Dix to take photos... Everywhere you stepped you was arm to arm! If their was anyone whom was claustrophobic I bet you money they left within the first few seconds of walking in the door!  Even though us ladies enjoyed each others company we all decided that Whiskey Dix was just not for us! It was more for the regulars whom go there! We are better to stick with the places we are use too! The line dances at Whiskey Dix was nothing like we are use too & we had never seen them done before & the dance floor was too small to learn them sadly :(

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