Saturday, March 30, 2013

Surprise For Andrea Rose

On Monday I surprised Andrea Rose with Balloons which was pretty in color. A bright yellow smiley face along with a pretty colored balloon that said Happy Birthday, A pretty birthday card telling her how much I loved her & was blessed to share this day with her, pizza from PJ! Our favorite place for pizza, & lastly I bought her a birthday cake from our favorite place to order cakes from Hello Walmart with her 2 favorite colors Teal & pink :) It also had Happy Birthday Andrea written on it. 

Andrea Rose had no idea! She was completely clueless! She thought we was just gonna have movie & sleepover but boy was she wrong.. Did she really thing I would skip her birthday & not celebrate it? Get real no way was that gonna happen! I loved how surprised she was :) Baby boo seemed to love the balloons a wee bit more then mamma did though! We fed him PJ, cake, & yes even mountain dew! He was hyper.... But calmed down eventually a few hours later of course!

We ended up Watching Breaking Dawn 1 & 2... This was her first time seeing 2 & she loved it! She reminded me of  how I was in theaters the first night I saw it.. Baby boo loved watching our face expressions! He just looked from me to her it was too cute... After the movies ended Andrea was instructed to go to sleep & that I would take care of baby boo! I loved my alone time with him it was great... I enjoyed feeding him throughout the night, rocking him & holding him while he slept! Those are moments I will hold dear for the rest of my life... I love both Andrea & Kayden very much! 


I loved waking up next to that sweet baby the next morning enjoying all kinds of kisses & smiles! It was the best ever... 

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