Sunday, March 31, 2013

Breakfast with Family

Friday was the day after my surgery! I did not feel awful but I did not feel great either. I got exhausted easily something that took like 10 to 15 to do seemed like it had taken me all day because I was so tired after. For instance I took a shower & afterwards all I wanted to do was go back to bed!  Putting on makeup & doing my hair seemed a chore it was something awful! Surgery drained me needless to say! 

After getting ready all of the family had breakfast out with Gram. We enjoyed our time getting to catch up with one another. The babies wore me out but I loved seeing them! Here are a few photos! 

Josie girl stayed in my lap the whole time as you can see! I just love her she is a bundle of joy in my life... I love her too the moon & back! The other little ones wanted down to play & well Maddie stayed attached to mamma the whole morning & refused pictures! Josie took tons on my phone but most of them are so close up that I deleted them sadly! 

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