Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Funday/Movie Review: The Call

The day after St Patty was rough! I am surprised I looked as cute as I did after only like 5 hours of sleep not to forget that I had also drank & had a headache from hell.. I was glad however to be able to spend the day with Aunt Joyce! Since Sunday was the actually day to wear green I made sure to still wear that color :) 

We ate at Steak & Shake! It was very good... Either of us had had it in awhile so we decided to eat there. It was delicious! Once we finished lunch we headed to the theater to watch The Call! 

The movie started out by the 911 caller taking a call from a teenage girl whom was home alone when someone was trying to break into her home! She was terrified to say the least. 911 Caller is explaining to the girl what she needs to do & so forth to avoid the guy from taking her or killing her. The teenager thinks she is safe when all of a sudden the phone line goes dead the 911 caller not thinking calls the phone back which leads to the killer going back up & finding the girl! He took her & killed her!  the 911 caller blamed herself because it was her phone call sent again that gave up the girls hiding spot in the home!

A few days had passed when another 911 girl gets a call except this time it is a teenage girl whom has been kidnapped at a mall & placed into a trunk. She is freaking out so she turns the call over to the first 911 girl whom answered the first call a few short days ago! She is able to calm the girl down & get her to explain things! she alerts the police & they are on his tail sadly though they loose him after he kills a man & trades vehicles! The police get a print from the vehicle & go find his wife to learn of his old home place. 

They learn his sister died from cancer & he finds these girls because they look like her! He makes sure to take their hair off their scalp while they are still alive they die from blood loss! The 911 caller keeps playing the video over & over again trying to find clues she finally hears this  ringing noise that clings against something. She goes by herself to his home place! During that time she hears the clinging noise & finds a hidden underground house type thing! She goes & finds the girl! She is still alive! At the end they leave him in the room to die there & they both say they never seen this secret place! 

It was a good movie but It could have been way better in my person opinion! I give it a 3 out of 5 stars! 

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