Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 AM Morning With Things Being Torn Apart

Sweet baby boy was terrified from the demo in the kitchen so he got to go on a road trip to the store. He loved it! He does so good always! He just sits in my lap & lays there so still. The other little munchkin went too but she is in the passenger seat looking out the window! Bless her!

Before all is said & done with the kitchen that once was will be transformed into something completely different. All walls will be completely yellow & cabinets will be redone adding more storage space which is very much needed because I mean let's be honest no one can ever have enough kitchen storage space. All things owl will fill the kitchen once again & the transformation will be complete :) I cannot wait to see it all come together until then I am enjoying all the demo we are getting to do. Who knew I would love demo so much! Its like a new addiction! However I must admit demo is a tad bit dangerous it comes with boo boos & with boo boo's come blood from the injury! 

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