Sunday, February 10, 2013

Movie Review: Identity Thief

Rated (R)
Director: Seth Gordon
Writers: Craig Mazin & Jerry Eeten
Main Characters: Jason Bateman, Melissa Mccarthy, Amanda Peet, & John Cho

Bateman plays Sandy Bigelow Patterson, a mild normal every day man whom works in the corporate world. He struggles with responsibility as well as constant neglect in pay raise & he does it all while having a wife (Amanda Peet) along with two children & one currently on the way. The last thing Sandy needs is Diana (Melissa McCarthy) a remorseless women who targets Sandy as the latest victim of her ongoing credit fraud scheme by obtaining his information by phone making him to believe that his account is in danger. 

Sandy is soon arrested for failure to appear at court which was meant for Diana, this is when he discovers he has fallen victim to identity theft. The law enforcement of Denver has crazy rules none of which makes since that they adhere to. Since they refused to investigate Diana, Sandy decided to take matters into his own hands by going down to Florida to get Diana to confess to her crimes. He assumed she would be an easy catch until he found out that she is violent, menace, dangerous & mentally off balance. During his time there both are pursued by a debt collector & two assassins whom want them dead.

The film drops the ball when it attempts to make Diana a  character we are suppose to feel sorry for after all her menace, violent nature, unjustifiable cruelty not to mention her willingness to commit crimes of carelessness. 

All in all I loved this movie. It was super funny & very entertaining. It takes a lot for me to like comedy because my two favorite types of movies have always been horror & romantic. But I must admit I stayed engaged the whole time during the movie & I do not think I stopped laughing. The movie throughout was just well played & very hilarious. I do have to say though that this movie is for adults & not small children! If you love comedy movies & enjoy laughing during them I recommend you go see this movie or wait until it comes out to rent it. It was great & once released I will be adding it to our DVD collection. 

I rate this movie 4.5 out 5! Very rarely will I ever rate a movie all stars because I am sure there is always more they could have added or changed to make it even better then it was. 

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