Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughtful Little Proposal

So I was on Facebook last night when I noticed one of my friends had liked a post. I seen how it was a cute little proposal so I decided to read it as well. I am so glad that I read it because too me it was so very sweet. Its even nicer that it was done so close to home so I knew exactly where they was talking about in their post. So I decided to share it with you sweet ladies on the blog :) So enjoy!

My fiance proposed September 22nd, the first day of Fall. My parents had flown into the Knoxville airport for a wedding the following day. His mother came up to visit us for my fiance's birthday. We picked up my parents from the airport & then went back to Chattanooga where we live to have dinner with his mother & my parents. My fiance had been on his phone all day & kept stressing about how we needed to get back to Chattanooga ( my parents flight was delayed). When we returned back to Chattanooga we went to go change clothes at my house. I walked out in sweats & a jacket & he said, "you are wearing that? now I feel under dressed". So I went back into my room to put on an outfit that was more dressy. We started our drive downtown where we had reservations at our favorite restaurant. On the way downtown my fiance asked me if we could meet his mom at the downtown walking bridge to go for a walk since we had some time to kill before our reservation. We parked & started walking up to the walking bridge. I saw his mom & she was standing on the bridge with 3 roses & our friend was standing beside her with a camera. My fiances mom handed me a rose & said "Happy Fall". My parents then turned around & handed me their roses & said "Happy Fall". By this point I knew something was about to happen, but was in complete shock. My fiance pulled my hand & told me to keep walking. I kept asking him what's going on & he just said let's just keep walking. As we started walking I saw his mother's friend standing with a rose when we walked up to her she gave me a hug & said " Happy Fall". I continued walking & began to see our friends spread down the bridge. As we walked each one of our friends would give me a rose, a hug & say "Happy Fall". We got in the middle of the bridge where one of my best friends stood with her husband. This was the point where her husband & my fiance passed off the rings. He guided me over to the side of the bridge. At this point the sun was beginning to set. He got down on one knee told me a lot of sweet things I can't even remember then pointed to the other bridge. I then could see 12 black umbrellas with white letters (painted by my fiance) that spelled out "Will You Marry Me)? The umbrellas was being held by 12 of our friends. I said YES! We was surrounded by our friends & family for that special moment. We then had dinner to celebrate at our favorite restaurant where on the table was big letters cut out  I <3 You. The I was cut out with pictures of my fiance. on the <3 (heart shape) pictures was of the two of us together. Then on the you there was pictures of just me. & he caught the whole thing on Camera.

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