Monday, January 14, 2013

Ayy Ladies

All fun. No stress. & more importantly, no men! That is what a ladies weekend is sorry to our men. With that in mind it was time to unwind for us ladies!

Saturday we had lunch together & was able to enjoy our lunch outside where we had warmer weather. It was so nice not to have to eat inside. After lunch we started getting ready to go out for dinner/bar/club. Not gonna lie by the time us ladies had finished trying on a thousand different outfits, jewelry combos & shoes it had gotten quite a bit chillier outside & super windy. We did frown faces needless to say. We had dinner at Demos & decided we needed a dessert so of course we shared one :) That makes it better right? & not so bad for us? After we was stuffed we then headed to the club. That was a bit challenging. You see little miss Sayrah decided not to check to make sure she had her license which just so happened to be in the mister's wallet & not hers. Therefore Cheri decided that since she had both her normal license plus her army license she could try & use it. That left me to laugh out loud very hard. Because Sayrah has dark hair like me & Cheri has Blonde hair therefore I had to be like Cheri she has a better chance with my license lol except the only problem with that was the fact that I needed my license to get in. By this point we had no clue what to do except bat our eyes & hope to god that they let her in without an ID. Lucky for us we are some pretty sweet girls so it worked ;) Wahoo we loved that bouncer needless to say. He made our night better by allowing us in with little miss aka I don't got my license with me. We had tons of drinks throughout the night & really had tons of fun with just us girls. Not gonna lie we was sending text messages to our men whom we missed but we needed this weekend for only us ladies. We had so much fun together. I love my ladies to the moon & back. We finally ended our night around 3 AM exhausted & ready to pass out.

Here are some of the photos we took :)

Sunday we had brunch at 11 AM. We had a pizza buffet, & it was very yummy! Our hangovers however was not so heartfelt.  After brunch we went to see Cheri's mamma & Cheri's hubby's parents/sister. It was nice getting to see everyone. While at mamma's we seen the peacock & I had to take pictures. I wish peacock would have spread its pretty feathers though. After all the visiting was over it was time for girls weekend to end. It was now gonna be some hours spend with the mister's :) It was a great way to end the night. Plus it was raining & thundering outside so that meant great cuddle time which was even better always!

Here is Peacock...

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