Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chobani Bites

I have grown up my whole life never really being a fan of yogurt. I have always been one who has been a super picky eater you see. I most likely can tell you the things I love way easier & faster then to tell you those in which I do not love & hate. Now do not get me wrong their is a few yogurts that I do like such as the twix yogurt the ones with the little rabbit on them. I love the banana ones! Those are my favorite but one day I was at Target & I found yogurt called Chobani Bites. I decided I wanted to give them a try. Well let me just say that I have fallen in love with them now as well. 

Here are the ones I love from Chobani Bites:

I love that for me I found something that is super easy for on the go that I can take & eat on the way to work. With me being a nurse I already have to wake up early enough as it is so any little bit of extra sleep I can get of a morning is a blessing to me. 

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