Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know many always make NYE resolutions. & too be honest I did to some degree but to another I did not... I know what do you mean is what you ladies are wondering right well it goes like this!

The cool crisp evening air in downtown Nashville was not welcomed. The rain put a damper on our night but we still made the best of it. I had decided that years past I always make these huge resolutions & well let me just be honest & say that I mostly do not stick with them sadly :( I may stick to them for a month or two but that is about it. So Instead of saying oh these will be for sure my resolutions I decided to say I will work at these instead & so far that has seemed to work much easier thus far. 

I did make a few resolutions that I do not & will not share for now with you ladies but here are a few that I did decided on:
1. I wanted to do more walk/run marathons this year. Last year I did a color run & mud run that was it so to add a few more this year sounds great :)
2. I wanted to be a bit healthier. I am not one to eat sweets or junk food but I do love my cokes sadly so I decided that I was going to try my hardest to no longer drink cokes. & I am proud to announce that so far I am 2 weeks strong of no cokes :) I am so very proud of myself. The mr is super healthy & I am so proud of him so I am trying to be proud of myself as well...
3. I at the beginning of last year took tons of photos but toward the end slacked off so I promised myself that I would do better this year & I really hope I stick to it & take more photos :) because I enjoy it so very much...


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