Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Ruff Few Weeks

I am sure by now you ladies have noticed that I have not been on the blog pretty much this whole month. December was not only a very busy month but a very sad month as well. 

During December my life revolved around work,family,friends & loved ones! No lie... You would think I would have tons to talk about & I do believe me however I do not even know where to begin at. 

I can however try to sum it all up & not shed half as many tears so hear it goes!

December consisted of the following:
Work Monday-Friday wake up at 4:30 AM & I am at work by 6 AM getting off by 2 PM. It has been so tiring. & I still am on that schedule for now until like mid month coming up... Ugh :(

Went with friends to Opry Land Hotel to see the lights & Ice 

Had my family get to gathers. 

The mr & I went with his family to Opry :)

One of my sweet friends lost her 1 year old little girl to cancer! That was a hard time for us all... It broke our hearts :(

Went shopping with the girls a few times

Brought in the new year with my girls! Hello 2013 goodbye 2012

Me & my girls got super sick :( for a whole week worth! It has been hell so that has been my month! Hope you all have a better one then I have sweet ladies! So I am sorry for being mia but I have just been to tired & exhausted to  want to write or share anything on the blog sadly :(

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