Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cray Cray Downtown Nashville For NYE

As we got out of the warmth of our vehicle we felt a coldness which automatically gave us all rosy red cheek's, as if we was blushing. We knew we would have a good little lengthy walk. We parked at 8th & had to walk to 2nd. See where lengthy comes in at? On top of the coldness that filled the night air it was sprinkling rain as well which just added to the cold. Once we got to 2nd we decided to go inside Wild Horse Saloon. We all learned new line dances & let me just say some we did good at & some we just flat out bombed them.

The remainder of 2012 I spend with some of my sweet friends whom I love dearly! It was so much fun & I could not have had better company to bring in the year of 2013 :) We all watched the node drop & once that was over we was back to the car to get warm & remove our wet clothing. & yes you heard right we did remove all our wet clothing well almost all of it then drove back home to change into comfy clothes, slip under covers with our loved ones & pass out...

I hope you sweet ladies had a great NEW YEAR :)

P.S I am sorry that the video is sideways :( I do not know how to turn it... But at least you can hear me do the countdown :) Sorry that us ladies was a hot mess but please remember it was raining & the last thing we was trying to do was look cute!

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Amanda Nicole said...

I almost decided not to read this out of pure jealousy. Hopefully this will be where I will be spending New Year Eve next year! Glad you had fun!!