Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I'm Lovin On This Airy Fall Day

I am linkin up with Jamie over at This Kind Of love her addy is above :)

1. I am loving that today is so airy & feels like Fall outside.

2. I am loving all the pretty Fall colors on the leaves! I love that they have changed over from that awful green.

3. I am loving that I had a great run this evening & the breeze made it 10x better :)

4. I am loving that I am getting my hair dyed as I write this at my salon. Hello soon to be Fall color on my hair! We went with a burgundy! I cannot wait to see how it turns out! Hopefully I like it. Fingers crossed!

5. I am loving that this weekend several of us are going to Nashville to go into haunted houses & woods... Let the haunting's begin :)

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