Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So What On This Airy Fall Day

So What Wednesday
Linking up with sweet Shannon!

1. So what that I am getting my hair dyed at my salon as I am writing this! Check out my loving Wednesday to find out the color :)

2. So what that I am not getting my hair cut today with my color. I am waiting 2 weeks for when I leave on vaca :) Cannot wait to have both my new cut & color. I even am thinking of bangs!

3. So what that I am going to scream & run like the biggest baby ever come this weekend at the haunted houses & woods once I see clowns with jagged teeth & chain saw people. I do not like either :(

4. So what that Midnight still has not been washed :( I know he hates me but it has been raining off & on for several wks now & I just do not wanna take the time only to have him filthy again....

5. So what that all this week pretty much all my meals have been chicken something hehe! The Mr & little miss love chicken as much as me thankfully :) I even made Blackberry Dumplin from scratch! Hello yummy in our tummies...

6. So what that I passed out last night at 930 pm. I was so beyond tired after work that I made the Mr do everything. He survived :)

7. So what that we still have our air on in the house we both like it semi cold not hot we did turn it up though so it was not so low. 

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Laura said...

I hate haunted houses... like really really hate them! I get so scared that I just cry. Can't wait to see your new cut and color! I need my hair done so badly.