Monday, October 29, 2012

5 AM Random Shots

Wow where do I even begin at! You see I was on facebook browsing when all of a sudden Brit post a picture. I was laughing my ass off to say the least. Well I of course in response to this photo:
said wow
Brit said: listen when you were going to work at 5am we became our own source of entertainment lol.
I said: This is so amusing I wanna put it on the blog!
Brit said: bahaha do it! I have another one too. I will text it too you!
I said: I cannot wait to see it

Well let me tell you it was ten times more funny then the first one see:
Do you ladies not agree here?

Ok so now story time:
I met Brit through blogging. I found her little blog & fell in love with it & as I got to know her I became to love her just as much as her little blog. Since then we have became friends on facebook, & text each other which I love! She is such a sweet, loving, fun girl! I swear we really could be best friends if only we did not live so far from each other :( That truly saddens me but at the same time I say distance does not really matter! Which it don't that is what vacations are for right? We both love similar shows & I love that she is as fun & outgoing as I am hello matched made in friend heaven duh! Oh & dont expect to see us on Thursday nights that night is reserved for Vampire Diaries where we text each other during the show lol.... We both love us some Stafan & Elana! 

So Brit if you are reading this which I am sure that you are considering you knew I was doing this post. I just wanna say I am so blessed to have met you through blogging. You are such a sweetheart & I love that I have been able to get to know you! I cannot wait to finally meet you in person & I truly hope our friendship can only grow in years to come! With trips even to Texas for my first time ever :) love ya girl!

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