Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

I am linkin up with sweet Ash! Her addy is above :)

Let's Begin...

Dear work, I really hate you anymore! You seem so unorganized & it should not be the case! We have computers with schedules & stuff how do you still manage to screw them up? I mean do we screw patient info up too?NO! so why mess up schedules please get it together before you push more of my buttons thanks!

Dear Friday, you are a little chilly today & you have no sun popping out :* Please do not get too cold!

Dear Sayrah, I cannot wait to see you tomorrow night :) Its gonna be such a fun Halloween party night! I am sure we will take tons of photos as usual without the boys in it because they both hate photos yet we love them but its ok...

Dear Halloween Party, You better be great! I mean bring your A game :) I am ready for some fun, dancing, drinks, food, & so much more :)

Dear Sunday, please do not be too harsh for me! I know I will be out late Saturday & all but still be calm at work & not too crazy!

Dear Body, please do not hate me after the lack of sleep you will get Saturday night & having to be up early Sunday for work! I promise I will go to bed early for you Sunday night as long as you are nice Sunday day :)

Dear Krystal's, you had your little burgers on sale for only 25 cents & I got 25 of them. You gave me a great deal Wednesday. Oh & they tasted amazing as always. They really hit our yummy spots!

Dear Nails, I know I have neglected you this week. I know your chipped & missing paint. I promise tonight I am going to fix you all & make you pretty again. Do not worry!

Dear Black Mountain, I never want to see you again after you made us walk 16.7 miles that was insane & to find out after that you had some man murder his fiance there & scatter her parts in those woods freaks me the hell out! You are one hiking place I will never miss or want to see again.

Dear Camera, you did a great job with photos Tuesday! I took a lot of great shots & I was so pleased with them :) Thanks for being sweet to me on that end! I am glad we work well together... 


Jamie said...

Have a great weekend!

Miranda Winslett said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with nail problems. ;)

P.S. Love the background and layout of your blog!