Saturday, September 29, 2012

House @ End Of The Street

Last night since we found out we would not be able to see Pitch Perfect until this coming week, Aunt Joyce & I went & seen House @ End Of The Street! It was a scary movie of course & it was so good we loved it. I completely recommend seeing it if you love anything scary or thrillin:) We seen previews for another scary movie coming out called mama & we cannot wait!  Our theater room was quit interesting to say the least! How you ask? Well you see I am gonna tell you :)

This guy whom I nicknamed country bumpkin was a complete ass. He first of all had on tighter jeans then his gf which to me is just creepy sorry! Anyway back to subject! Country bumpkin brought his gf to see a scary movie yet he did not want people screaming. Hmm! Last time I checked that is what you do at scary movies just saying. His gf didn't scream or nothing go her congrats you want a high five? Anyway he turns around @ says to several of us behind him to stop screaming & to shush ourselves well do you wanna guess how well that went over with us? NOT good! We all had had something to say to that little ass which was if you do not like it please by all means take your gf & leave k bye! Well he didn't leave but he sure as hell did not say another word needless to say however we all did get death stares which is fine it did not seem to bother any of us. We all did however scream extra loud & a thousand more times then nessicary just to annoy the ass! Which btw he completely deserved :) Once the movie ended we all behind mr ass was called bitches! Did not hurt my feeling one pit bc we all seemed to care less & just laughed! Some people I swear...

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I miss playing four square, too! Is it still acceptable for a 23-year-old to play?! :)

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