Friday, September 28, 2012

Fill In's

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1. My first memory is?
2. My first love was?
3. My very first favorite color was?
4. The very first time I really felt like a grown up was when?
5. The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is?
6. The first CD I ever bought was?
7. My first car was?

1. Trying to answer when my first memory was is hard. Because even know I may not be able to remember what it was my parents had tons with me so truthfully my first memory would most likely be seeing the doctor whom helped me be born bc that was the first person I saw which became a memory even if I truly could not remember it. But the first memory I ever truly remember as a child was when my grans dog blackjack growled at my mother to sit me down so he could lay down so I would crawl on his back & ride him as if he was a pony! Crazy yes but I love that memory none the less! Good thing mom sat me down it might have been bad for her if she had not done so.

2. My first love was an amazing guy. He was the one whom I spent 4 years almost 5 years of my life with. Even though we are no longer together I still will always want the very best for him. Not all relationships are perfect & not all are meant to last sadly... It was time for us to go our different ways that is ok! People change things change & thats ok! I loved my life then & I was blessed 

3. Pink was my very first favorite color & truthfully still is one of my favorite colors :) except now its hot pink, turquoise & black :)

4. When I turned 18 I think was when I realized I was truly a grown up however I had always been more mature for my age always so I guess that could have something to do with it.

5. Well I guess that depends on whether its a work day or  non work day! If its a work day I turn off the alarm first thing before I throw my phone across the room aka me not such a morning person. Afterwards  I get up go pee pee in the potty then go straight to the fridge & grab a mt dew :) now if its a non working day I wake up to 
sweet forehead kisses, go pee pee in potty, grab a mt dew then start our day :) However some mornings may vary  

6. Britney Spears may have been the first CD I ever bought! Truthfully  I cannot remember to be completely honest! Is that bad?

7. My first car was a gold expedition. 

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