Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Letters

I am linkin up with sweet Ash over @ Adventures Of Newlyweds! I would love to have you sweet ladies follow me too :)

Dear Friday, you have been a busy rainy day! Work was crazy I wonder if it was because of you raining? Hmm! Let's hope not I do not wanna be mad at you...

Dear Marcy, I love that you scheduled a magic mike night later this month! Hello big girl night filled with liquor & all those sexy men :) 

Dear Pitch Perfect, I got online yesterday to see the times you was playing for tonight & you are not playing in our theater until next Friday! Why can't you be playing like the big cities are tonight? Boo to you! However I am still going to the movies & I am still gonna love what I watch which is House @ The End Of The Street! It is a scary movie & I cannot wait :)

Dear House @ the end of the street, you better scare the pee out of me or I swear I am gonna be one mad mamma! Just saying...

Dear Aunt Joyce, I cannot wait to see you tonight! I love our movie dates :)

Dear Gracie, your granny & I are picking you up after the movie ends so you can eat with us & I cannot wait to see your pretty little face! You are such a sweet loving baby cousin & I love/cherish our time together always :)

Dear Midnight, I am in love with you. I call you my second babi. However I still am not excited to make payments on you for the next 2 years.... You also need a bath! I wish you would stay clean better.... I would be very happy!

Dear Weekend, I hope you fly by fast I am not excited about having to work this weekend at all :( I swear I need every weekend off I have decided! Hello R&R :)


joni taylor said...

Sounds like a fun girls night
new follower

Traci Aerykssen said...

Oh I hate it when you see a scary movie and it turns out cheesy instead! I hope the movie turned out for you :)