Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boo Rain

So as you sweet ladies know or knew rather Sissy & I was suppose to go to the fair tonight however that is not happening due to rain :( The last night of it &  we do not get to enjoy it. I so wanted to take pictures of the little town built inside the fair called Fiddler's Grove! It is always the cutest things ever! I love the set up & all. I still am going to share some of the photos with you but please remember this is not from this year sadly :( The pictures are in no certain order & by no means do they do this little cute town justice! Last year on this little town alone I took like 100 & something photos! So much goes on & they relive the life that once was a very long time ago! The workers all even dress up in the old day attire :) It is all just so cute & the little town is actually quiet huge believe it or not! Since its raining here tonight we decided to stay in & play cards let's hope @ least that turns out fun!

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