Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Lovin On This Wednesday....

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I'm Loving:
1. That Chris is letting me come down to the farm Friday & help him feed the baby cows bottles! I cannot wait, I am beyond excited & even though I cannot post pictures just yet get ready I will be doing just that come either Friday night or Saturday of the feeding time with the cute little baby cows :)

2. That Monday Jason Aldean's new CD is coming out! It is called Take A Little Ride. I have been on edge waiting it seems to be taking forever! You can bet on one thing as soon as monday gets here that CD will be all mine :)

3. Reed turns 21 Sunday! That will be a fun night in Georgia downtown! Someone is gonna be plastered cough cough Reed. PS I miss being 21, 23 seems so old now & in September I turn 24 & that really seems old ugh :(

4. That their is only 7 more Saturday's until football begins again! I cannot wait... I so need to start planning all my cute little outfits to wear :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so ready for football to start too!!

Nicholl Vincent said...

love your loves!


have a good night!