Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What On This Stormy Wet Evening

I am linking up with sweet Shannon over at Life After I Dew! She is so sweet, I just love her & I bet you would too!

Ok so let's get down to the nitty gritty of my so what's that I got going on this week...

1. So what that I am loving all this stormy weather! Its amazing sleeping weather & we really need the rain! I mean after all I do not want my house to burn down in the middle of the night due to a wild fire! See where I am going with this?

2. So what that I think I have given up on feeding those cute little baby moo moo's! This weather is putting a damper on my bottle feeding parade :( story of my life...

3. So what that I have not been running & exercising like I should for color run! I mean I got until October 21st to get my act together! I just need to remind myself that it will be here before I know it & that I need to get the ball rolling big time! One amazing thing I am looking forward too is all the colors I will be by the end of it :)

4. So what that I signed up with 4 friends to do the Mud Run which is for a good cause however I am not so sure how I am gonna like mud all in my face & every where else for that matter! I mean I am a huge girlie girl after all... I just need to keep reminding myself that it washes off & I can take a very long shower :) score!

5. So what that I had 4 days off & I complained about going into work this morning for a 12 hour shift knowing I was about to also in that time start my 10 day straight shift :( BOO....

6. So What that I already started planning the Halloween party. I am sure you wanna know why so early right? Well you see its this little thing called life which for me is very busy I feel as though I am a busy bee... As it currently stands you see I have to work out my football weekend plans for foods & such while football goes on, plan a  bachelorette party, baby shower, baby reveal & be a bridesmaid in 2 more weddings. See how crazy my life is at the moment & I did not even add other things such as work, family time & so forth! I think I am getting a headache now just thinking about it all :( 

So now that you sweet ladies have seen my insane, crazy, thoughts of my so what week, I cannot wait to see what you all are saying so what too! Hmm wonder if they top mine?

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