Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things I'm Lovin On This Stormy Wet Evening

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Without further notice lets get to all the goodies that I am loving this week!  & I cannot wait to see all the goodies you ladies are loving as well...

1. I am loving that since last Wednesday I went from  56 followers to 62! YAY happy girl right here :) I am finally climbing the ladder! Hopefully soon in the near future I will finally reach 100 :) I hope you sweet ladies love my blog as much as I love yours!

2. I am loving how well Reeds birthday bananza went Sunday! It was great all us which are family & friends went to downtown Chattanooga & ate at Mellow Mushroom for lunch. Dinner was a little more calm their was only 6 of us total then verses the huge amount we had earlier in the day for lunch! For dinner we ate @ Bonefish Grill & had a couple drinks. Then afterwards is when the party really began we all got ready together & went downtown where we spend the remainder of the night @ the Electric Cowboy! So much fun all in all :)

3.  I am loving that we are having a mini fair this week before we even have the actual fair which happens next week! Its gonna be so much fun all I can say is hello moto races & demo derby... I am looking forward to you both!

4. I am loving that I get a much needed movie night tomorrow crammed packed full of horror! Its gonna be so much fun & I for one cannot wait... & oh the goodies we will be chomping on such as popcorn with mm's, pizza, drinks & so much more yum yum! Are you ladies as hungry as I am already just reading all the little treats that are to come?

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