Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th

Normally each we always have 1 Friday the 13TH however this year we have 3: January 13TH, April 13TH, & July 13TH. The calendar falls deadly this year as the folklore goes! There will be 2 Friday the 13TH's in 2013 (September & December), 1 in 2014 (June), then 3 once again in 2015 (February, March & November), after all that, there will not be another year with 3 again until the year 2026! Oh & did you know that psychiatrists even have a name for the condition of intense fear for the number 13, which is called Triskaidekaphobia! Crazy right? I thought so... Oh & a new fact I learned is that 3:33am is the most haunted time of Friday the 13TH! So neat to know....

By no means am I afraid of everything  to do with the number 13 however, to be completely honest I do not like Friday 13TH purely because they are crazy, insane, creepy days! Something always happens when these days comes up.... I mean some even say that sweet little black kitty cats are a bad omen however, several own one & survive the night :) 

Some funny superstitions that I have heard are:
1. Never change your bed linens on Friday because it gives you nightmares & bad dreams
2. Never get married on a Friday & expect the marriage to be good & healthy
3. Ships that sail on this day will forever have bad luck
4. Cut your nails on this day & only sorrow occurs
5. Oh & this one really tops the cake I did not know that  most cities do not have a 13TH street or avenue, highways do not have a 13TH exit, airports do not have a13TH gate,  & hospitals do not have a room number that is 13 & in some cases do not have a 13TH floor either!

Hope you ladies survived the day/night :)


Meagan said...

Uh oh! We cut Chase's nails yesterday! Good thing I didn't change the sheets too! Cruise ships don't have a 13th floor either!

Zara said...

I got married on a Friday and so far so good. Granted it was not Friday the 13th. Isn't it funny that there are no 13th floors? I've worked in several buildings that didn't have a 13th floor, I always giggled at the thought!

Hannah Hurley said...

That was soooo interesting. I love Friday the 13th although my husband is always bummed because I won't watch the movie with him. It scares me, I can' t help it :) Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Hope to learn more from you!!