Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th Letters...


I am linking up with sweet Ashley over at Adventures Of A Newlywed 
I would love to have you sweet ladies follow me :)

Dear Rain & Stormy weather... You are very much needed. Our land is very dry every where. Oh & I like you only because you help me sleep like a small tiny baby for several hours! You are so calming...

Dear Baby Cows.. I was so looking forward to getting to feed you all today however since its raining & storming that is not gonna happen. I will wait until next week sometime when I can feed you all in dry weather, when its not so messy! I will let the boys feed you today :) Then laugh at them for being all messy...

Dear Magic Mike... You was a great movie however I still hate your ending! You sucked on that part, big let down :( However you picked great actors to be in your movie Channing & Matthew :)

Dear Aunt Joyce... Last night was so much fun! I loved it as always. I love niece & aunt time always. I love you!

Dear Followers... I love how you keep getting bigger :) I love it beyond words! & I am thankful that I have you all. You all truly make my day.

Dear Friday 13th... I may not like you today in general however you was the last day for my work week! I now have 4 days off yay however sadly after those 4 days its back to work for 10 :(

Dear Drive Back To Georgia... Please be kind to me Sunday, I would like you to go smoothly. I know you are only a 2 hour drive but still a lot can happen in two hours lets just be honest :) K thanks!


Shantel said...

Hi there! Stopping by from the friday link up! Love your background! Hope you have safe travels this weekend!! Hope you'll stop over and say hello!!

Pamela said...

Oh gah, the ending to Magic Mike aggravated me, ha!