Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vacancy...Trip 2

Our Alabama trip reminded me of the movie Vacancy literally! My madre for the longest time now has wanted to go to Alabama to go see the Unclaimed Baggage Center they had, yet each time she wanted to go things have came up & what not but we finally decided we would go! So Aunt Joyce & I decided since we also had time off that we would join her & my father! We thought it would be a great experience together & to know my family you would know how much we all love our vacations! Our original  plan was to stay the night but needless to say that changed once their! I bet you wanna know why huh! I would wanna know why too! 

Let's start out by explaining the movie Vacancy which came out back in 2007. It starts out with a couple who take a wrong turn onto a remote mountain road. They come to find out that they have not cell service & their car breaks down. With no cell service they see a motel sign in the distance so they walk to it to check into the place which is very ran down & such with a creepy clerk! Weird things start happening once the tv is turned on & they realize the films taped was done in their room they rented! They just want out of their & end up finding a hidden tunnel in their bathroom! They eventually run into a police officer who is trying to help them but while he is checking out the story the killers mess with the police car & once the police officer is under the hood trying to see what is wrong the killers kill him! They run into another part of the hotel! the girl hides & the boy goes to find help however he did not make it far bc he was lying in the doorway barely alive! The next day the girl comes down from the hiding spot only to find her significant other almost dead & the torture begins again! That is a little summary of the movie! 

Now onto why Alabama reminds me of Vacancy! Once you entered the place in which we was @ it seemed very rundown & of course we had no cell phone service! I really hated not having service it drove me crazy! I did not take pictures of that place @ all needless to say! I did however take pictures of me, & the cave & I took one of Aunt Joyce in them, the madre & father was not cooperating at all when it came to pictures! Sometimes I feel as though I am the only one who ever takes thousand of pictures but that ok by me :) Overall is was a quiet little town with nothing to do at all so we decided against staying the night & decided to drive back home! Which we was all ok with! I was glad to not have to try & survive for my life :) We ended up eating a late night dinner @ Cheddars in our town! Our food was delish! So our night ended great...  Here are the few pictures that I did take!


Crystal Seed said...

I love all your pics, and I love THAT SHIRT! I can't wait to get it, and I hope you can find it for me! :-)

Julie Marie said...

you may be the only take the pics. but those pics are fab! i love those naturey cave pics... those are awesome