Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fall Creek Falls Summer Trip

I am finally catching up on all my post! I have several coming up so please bare with me ladies! I have been mia for the past 1 1/2 due to vacation & computer & such was not on my mind sorry loves! But its back to the real world as seeing tomorrow I go back to work after almost 2 weeks off :( 

Ok so lets play catch up! Two weeks ago one of my friends Shawn came down from Georgia & we had a Fall Creek Falls day. We spend the day hiking, & catching up with each other! Such a fun day & yes sweet ladies lots of pictures was taken :) Afterwards Shawn went back to Georgia & I went back to Cookeville! & for an in case you did not know where Fall Creek Falls was located I will tell you that its located in Pikeville TN.

Fall Creek Falls is very scenic. It is laced with cascades,gorges,waterfalls, streams, & lush woods. While there you are able to do many things such as horseback riding, picnic's, cookouts, hiking, fishing, golfing, & swimming! There is enough stuff to please everyone :)

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls Park

Fall Creek Falls state park

Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Waterfall #3 at Fall Creek Falls

Waterfall #2 at Fall Creek Falls

The river by Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls, Tn.. Went here this weekend, so beautiful!!

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