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Gatlinburg Trip

My first trip was amazing! I went to Gatlinburg TN. I was able to enjoy some quality time with my cousin Kendall,Aunt Joyce, Aunt Shirley & my madre!We had such a very fun trip while there.Our main reasoning was to go shopping. We was able to go to three of our favorite places to eat while their & it was great! You will see what they each was in a few short minutes as we go through the pictures :) I hope you ladies enjoy!

This was my lovely bags that I packed for our 2 day trip :) I enjoyed our 2 day trip to the fullest their was so many good memories made! Especially funny ones that I hope we each never foget!

Joe's Crab Shack Sevierville

As we entered into Gatlinburg Kendall & I noticed that they had new things :) How exciting right? It was fun even for Kendall & I trying to remember what use to be in its place. We had been their so many times though that it was easy for us to remember! We noticed 4 new things that stuck out to us: the first one we noticed was the new dinner & show which was for Hatfield & Mccoys, it took the place of the dinner & show of the bears! the second one we noticed was the the new king kong wax museum it replaced the dinosaur wax museum, the third thing we noticed was the new Joe's Crab Shack & it didn't replace anything the other place was torn down, & the last place was the new restuaurent which replaced the magical show which was moved to another location nearby! It was crazy as too how much had changed in just a few short months we also got a gigi cupcake now too but we did not see it sadly :( otherwise I know we would have been there in a heartbeat grabbing one up :)

We did a lot of shopping once we got to Gatlinburg then later on we went to the Old Mill to have dinner! Our wait time was about an hour which wasn't too bad compared to normal! However, we was without a doubt starving & very much ready to chow down! Our food was delicious, It without a doubt filled us up. They have the best home cooked food down in Gatlinburg & each time we visit we always have to eat here! I will give you sweet ladies a little piece of advice if you do not like the wait time that we waited then go to lunch their verses dinner the wait time is cut in half that way! It has always been less busy during the day then at night! However do not get me wrong it still is busy just not as busy :) I promise if you ever try eating here once you will be addicted & wanna go back every time you are in Gatlinburg. 

One place I was wanting to go to in Gatlinburg was Old Smoky Brewery & Restaurant. I wanted to see them first hand make moonshine. It was the neatest thing ever! I also wanted to try some of the samples! My favorite ended up being the apple pie! It was very sweet! It was very neat to see it be made & it was even better because the workers their was great! They made you feel very welcomed! Of course for those of you who think you would like this do need to be aware that you must be 21 or older to see it because they do card you before you enter! & they also allow you to buy the moonshine as well! All around a great experience :)

Madre & I decided that we must go into this spooky mansion. we love Halloween anytime of the year so if we find a scary place to go in we are all about it. The outside of the Mysterious Mansion was filled with eerie  purple & blue illuminating  lights.Their was a hearse parked outside with a coffin behind it in a glass case the outside looked as if the inside would be amazing! They also had creepy music playing adding to the thrill of drawing us in. 

Madre & I was shocked by the price because just for the 2 of us it was $22 dollars! That meant it was $11 dollars per person! Once we paid the person said that this was the only place around that still had stairs in a haunted house, I was surprised by that to be honest! We was also told we was not allowed to take any pictures at all inside only on the outside & we as well was instructed to turn off our cell phones they did not even want them on vibrate only. We was told that if our light was visable we would automatically be taken outside. I thought that was a little intense!

We had to wait to go in of course but once we was allowed they started us out in a library where we was told we had to find the secret passage! Which took us about 15 minutes to find. It took two of us to open the passage it was very hard even then & it was the fireplace we had to push! It was never dark in the Mysterious Mansion & most of the scary parts was all done by hydrolics which was mechanical sadly & unfortuntely we only had two real actors inside dressed in costumes to scare us! I was very disappointed to say the least as was everyone else. It was not worth $11 dollars I truly do not even know that I would have paid $3 dollars to go in! When we think of scary haunted mansions we think of dark, finding our way, getting scared yet in here we had none of the above :( If I had to rate this out of a 10 I would give it  a 2! & the only reason I would give it a two is because of the look outside with the scary music! The outside was the best of it all! It was a shame that the inside was not as great as the outside.

After we had finished the Mysterious Mansion we went & walked the strip. It was so much fun going in & out of each of the little shops. Getting to try new drinks & socialize was great! I enjoyed it very much. Several hours downtown was amazing & the best part was that we had a hotel downtown so we did not have to drive instead all we had to do was walk. We got our exercise that is for sure no denying that. Once we finished the strip Kendall, Aunt Joyce & I decided we wanted to go sit in our fire pit & hot tub outside well that was a bad idea! We did not know that it was off limits after a certain time & that they locked the doors so we was not able to get back inside which led to the thoughts of well guess we are climbing this fence! Lucky for us the front desk guy seen us & came & opened the door for us sweet of him right? We decided once we got back into our room that it was late & we was going to bed!

The next morning we woke up! We all took showers then got ready to go eat breakfast @ another one of our favorite places! Pancake Pantry... They have amazing food but just like Old Mill you do have a wait time! We had to wait about 1 1/2 hours to get seated inside! So again if you do not like waiting then I would not suggest eating here because just like Old Mill, Pankcake Pantry does not have a call in ahead of time for reservations. Pancake is a great place for breakfast & had a good variety of foods for adults & children! It opens each morning @ 7am & closes each day @ 4pm. Breakfast is served all day & lunch starts being served @ 11 am! My morning had started out great however once inside Pancake Pantry our waitress did not check the lid on the ketchup & gave us an open lid bottle I shock it & needless to say ketchup went everywhere. It ended up all over us, the table, chairs, the other table & the floor! I cleaned it up off our table & the other table then I even cleaned it up off us however I did not clean the floor! I was too angry & already wanting to go off on people! This one lady who worked their & was seatin tables was very rude & made it seem as if I did it on purpose & thought that I should clean the floor I looked @ her & went off needless to say! I was ready to tear her into shreds! I had not been that angry in a very long time but that lady pushed every button I owned that morning. Once we left after I had to change clothes wash my hair & everything else all over again :(  

After our second day of shopping we ate dinner @ Fuddruckers. Which is another place we always have to go to while in Gatlinburg. One of the great perks is that we do not have to wait in long lines to get in. Once we get their we have always been seated right way! We love the hot cheese they have here & its very kid friendly which is a plus :) Once we finished eating we was home bound! we got home about midnight & we all passed out. The 2 day trip turned out to be such a blast! We all had so much fun :)

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