Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Riverbend 2012


Riverbend Festival- Chattanooga, TN


A Tuesday night at Riverbend

riverbend fireworks

Riverbend 2009

Riverbend in Chattanooga, TN

Events of the evening:
1. Drive to Georgia
2. Unpack all my clothes
3. Get ready for Riverbend
4. Go to Applebees & eat before Riverbend
5. See Chris & Chelse @ Applebees
6. Leave Applebees & head to Riverbend
7. Take tons of pictures 
8. Fight with boys who did not want to take pictures :( ps I gave up tryin! all I got was the middle finger for takin pics hence you can see shawn in above pictures!
9. burn up, walk for miles, wait in parking garage for traffic to die down, go change into club wear
10. Go to Electric Cowboy with Shawn which is where he works at on Thursday & Sunday where he makes bank!
11. By 3am complain because I am a sleepy girl
12. Leave n go to bed after a crazy busy fun day :)

I love being a sweet Georgia Peach! I love that to me Georgia is my home :) It is so nice to be back even if only for a few days, its better then nothing right! I was beyond excited to see Lauren Aliana & who would have guessed that she cut off her hair & its now short eek, love it though its so cute on her! She is such a sweet girl & for those of you who do not know Yes she was raised a sweet Georgia peach as well right here in Rossville Georgia  by her father JJ & her mother Kristy with a protective older brother Tyler! She looks so much like Kristy yet you can see such a little part of JJ in her as well! 

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