Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday nights In Geogia...


Sunday nights in Georgia are spend @ Electric Cowboy! Shawn works there on Thursday & Sunday nights running the beer pong tourneys. He has it made needless to say he makes bank on those nights plus gets to wear normal clothes as well as play along too! Right now him n Finn are the 5 champs. That means they have played 5 Sundays thus far & they have won it. The 6th game was started Sunday however it was not finished due to power outage because of a car that hit a tree dead on! It was very bad!So this coming Sunday the game will be finished before the new one begins! Normally these nights last until 3 to 4 am These nights are so much fun with the boys! You gotta love it or at least I do anyway :)

While in Georgia I did several other things however I did not take tons of pictures for those because they was us eating, walking, seeing friends & such! One thing we did was go watch That's My Boy which was so very funny!

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