Sunday, February 12, 2012

Movie night Friday with 2 of my favorites :)

See the snowflakes in our hair?

Tay & I! love my baby cousin...

Smile for the cam :)

This is Tay's favorite one of us from the night!

Tay, Aunt Judy & I had a little fun out of this one :) 

Friday evening Aunt Judy, Taylor, & I went to see the Vow. The three of us could have not been more excited seeing that we had been waiting for around 2 months now for it come out in theater. We arrived at the theater a little early but that was to be expected especially, since it was opening night. We wanted to make sure we had good seats & our tickets had done been preordered us girls go prepared. We had balcony seats which made us happy & of course we had to sit dead center in the theater to enjoy the all around effects. Our thoughts on the movie was that it was great but no where near as good as the Notebook. We really did not like the ending at all we assumed that there would be more to it then what was given. I so badly would love to tell you sweet ladies what happened but I do not wanna ruin it for those who want to see it whom haven't gone yet. so if you wanna know msg me & I shall tell :) Once it was over we walked outside to it snowing which was cute we took a few pics in it of course how could we not. I especially liked how you could see it on our heads in the pictures that we did take :) Such a great night with some of my family members.

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