Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thursday was girls night out :)

We smile wickedly while
already knowing trouble will find us tonight.
We are gonna hit the town
Cause a stir
Boots are hot
Fuck me heels if your feeling it
& if not you always got the flats
Change of plans I think not
You can't miss girls night out
Our hips are begging
As we walk in we own the place
All eyes staring on us girls
All the bouncers know us well
Bottoms up our booties shaking
Time to live it up & have a hella night :)

Thursday night was so much fun for me & my girls! I have not been able to go for about a whole month now & for me that is insane. Truly insane to say the least. I love girls night out because it gives me time to catch up with my sweet ladies! I do not have pictures of our night because I did not take the phone in but hey that is alright with me. I was just glad that I did not have a 12 hour shift Friday stopping me from going. I did go in but it was only for 2 hours to do paperwork one of the perks of being a nurse at times I guess you could say! Short & sweet today :) 

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Crystal Seed said...

You look HOTT!!!!!!! So happy to hear you had a good time! I had mine a few weeks back for my girls birthday, and we had a ball. And I think I want another one in a few weeks for my birthday! LOL!