Thursday, January 19, 2012

Foods I'm Makin Soon!

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Look how good these little things look! They look amazing & I for one cannot wait to  make them :) The kids will love them heck even the hunny n I will love them... Its almost like that saying get in my tummy! I am sure that is how we will feel by the time they are cooked & have filled the house with all kinds of goody smells  that are simply to die for...

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I have made Chicken Cordon Bleu before & let me tell you it was amazing! I love it so very much however my recipe was a little harder to make then this recipe I found so I am gonna try it this way & see if it is less time consuming :) either way I am sure it will just as good as the recipe that I already own :)

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These little cute things are called Croque Monsier. They are Italian I do believe however, do not quote me on that because I could be very wrong! These little yummy things look so good that I cannot wait to make them :) I hope everyone likes them as much as I hopefully will...

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These little babies are called Cinnamon Cream Cheese Rolls & let me tell you they are great I made some the other night & they are already gone! I now wanna make more so I can enjoy them all over again :0 & the best part is how simple they are to make...

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The little ones in my life love sweet treats about as much as my household does so it makes for great time to cook these with the little ones. I know they will love these! I know they will be time consuming but I mean I do not even care because I know they will be amazing bites to eat on :) yummy!


Fash Boulevard said...

omg. the cupcake looks amaze. fabulous post, love. Thanks so much for sharing. I've got a brand new outfit post and a fabulous giveaway. I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo

Ashley said...

Looks soooo good!! But I am on a diet lol

I tagged you in todays post, head on over and check it out. Feel free to participate if you would like