Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dinner & Movie

I am sure that most think of dinner & movie night with their sweet spouse!
I know I normally would to however, last night I had dinner & movie night with my sweet Aunt Joyce & mother!
I absolutely needed that too to say the least!
Theses past few weeks have been stressful so it was nice to have a girl's night out. Even if it was only just for a few hours...
Our night was entertaining to say the least!
It started off by the three of us deciding to go eat at O' Charley's.
Our waiter was Victor & boy let me tell you he was something funny! We were all having such a ball & having the time of our lives laughing so hard that we were crying, choking up & so much more...
He was such a good waiter who got an $8 dollar tip :)
Afterwards we went to see Joyful Noise, & it was an amazing movie. I so want it on DVD when it comes out to buy.
Their was only about 8 of us total in the theater room so needless to say all 8 of us were all very out spoken.
We without a doubt was having a party inside our movie theater room 2!
Then our fun night ended & we was all exhausted to say the least the only thing I wish I had of done was to bring the cam to capture some of our sweet moments throughout the night... 

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