Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anything Zebra

Ok Ladies,
I love zebra to no end!
Am I crazy? Well that could be a possibility.
But, for real Zebra stuff is cute. I guess I just love the cute design...
So I decided I would add zebra stuff on here today that I loved :)
Hope you ladies enjoy this~

Zebra pedi


I'm OBSESSED with this crib set!

i love this & want this for my sweet one :)

Baby shower cake :)

Holy shit this is SO CUTE

Topsy Turvy Hot Pink Zebra Print Cake

A zebra went to Tiffany's.

1 comment:

Crystal Seed said...

OMFG!!!!! This is by far my fave post ever! I'm completely and utterly obsessed with zebra stuff for Chloe! If I had found that crib set and car seat cover when I was pregnant... I would have died and gone to heaven! I love those baby shower cakes too! Those are to die for!!!!!! LOVE IT!! Great post!