Wednesday, November 9, 2011

North Carolina for now

Sweet Sweet Ladies! 
I am Still in North Carolina for right now
Friday I am heading back down to Gatlinburg for the weekend.
It is super duper chilly here 
But, I must admit I am loving the fact that I have gotten to be out of town....
I have had a super huge migrane all day n felt awful!
Hopefully tomorrow is better.
Last night here at the condo me n some of the little ones made brownies,
I enjoyed letting them help me & they loved feeling like they did something huge :)
I hope all of you are having a good week so far....
oh ps remember how I posted all those lovely Sunday dreaming pictures I think I have wished I was their since getting here....
I am not a fan of all this chilly weather at all!
some toes n the sand would be nice...

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Amanda said...

Gatlinburg♥, I love it there. Especially this time of the year, its beautiful! I live in Kentucky so we go there every other year or so. :) Have fun!!