Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guest Blog 1

Hey guys
My name is Amanda
In case you do not know me I am Ashleigh's best friend :)
I have known her for 8 years now
I can still remember the first time I ever met her which was during cheerleading
She was actually a flyer & tossed in the air & I was to be the new flyer along with her
I feel head over heels for her sweet bubblie personality
Too put it easily she was such a sweet girl & I loved that about her, she was very guanine

I have no clue why she asked me to guest blog for her while she is gone
Especially since I do not have a blog & barely even get on a computer
Why do I not get on a computer much you ask?
Well I will just sum it up I have never had a myspace, facebook, or even a blog.
I know to some that may seem crazy but too me not so much
My boyfriend didn't have one & he didn't want me having one so I never got into.
& I find that without one it is way less drama which too me makes me happy I must admit
Now Ash she loves her blog & facebook...She would truly die if someone told her she would be unable to access them through computer or cell phone.
She always talks about her blog family which I assume would be all those whom she follows as well as those whom follow her.
She loves being able to see the lives of you & your families she says she feels as though she has known some of you for years & would love to meet several of you in person ;)
You would love her if you all ever meet up I promise. She is very easy to love!

I was not given a specific topic to talk about with you ladies or ladies & gentlemen
However I am going to assume that it is just ladies because I dout that men would have a blog.
I also am going to for warn you that I have tons of pictures of Ash & I however I have no clue how to put them on here.
But knowing Ash I am sure she done has them on here somewhere in her blog.
So therefore I am going to go ahead & say so sorry for not putting pictures on here maybe her next guest blogger will put some up for you all to admire.

Since she did not give me a topic I am going to tell you all why I love her so much as my best friend & how she has always been here for me when I have needed her no matter what. I promise to keep it short! I was engaged once before to a man whom I thought was the love of my life whom I would marry & spend the rest of my life with. Little did I find out that my life would never happen like that. Ash was pregnant at the time with twin girls whom she had to deliver at 7 months only to know that they were doa, which is dead upon arrival.She was also engaged to Jared whom they shared a daughter with named Alexa. Ash never truly had an actually childhood as a young teenager instead she was a mother & took that role so well. No she was not Alexa's real mother but you never would have guessed it & alexa is now a thriving little girl who loves her mommy aka Ashleigh so so much. But during her hard time you would think her best friend would be their for her & I was but during that time I found out my fiance had been cheating on me & we was only a few short weeks away from the wedding. I should have never bothered her with it or have told her about it but I did knowing if she found out from someone else she would kill me... ash being the amazing person whom she is cared more about me & my life then her own life.... She seemed to put her feelings of grief of her twin girls to the side & focus on me & my problem which I hated at the time. I now think it was a way for her to escape her life at that time of what hurt her the most. I know she misses her little girls all the time but I also know that she truly is the best thing that ever stepped foot in my life. She was right there by my side through it all & I was their by hers.... I love how she is so selfless & thinks of others before she thinks of herself. To me that is what a best friend is & I must admit that I have never found someone who could ever take her place!

I wish I was on vacation with her to enjoy all those sweet memories.
But instead I get to be jealous & envy her while I am stuck working.
I know she is having a great time while away though.
Thank you all for listening to my letter & once again I am so very sorry that I did not post any pictures.
Since I know this will go to her phone once I post it, I just wanna say thank you so much ash for letting me guest blog for you. I hope you enjoying reading this & hopefully I did not embarrass you too much during this letter. I love that you love me enough to allow me to this for you & I know if the tables were turned you would do the exact same for me. I love you pretty girl & I cannot wait to have you back. I miss my best friend.

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