Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ketchup of Thursday n Friday link up!

Xmas foods:

I am so making these!

Peppermint Marshmallow Dips for Hot Chocolate or Coffee {Great Christmas Gift Idea!}

Pretzels and Hugs

marshmallows dipped in chocolate, rolled in sugar and speared with a peppermint stick to dip in hot chocolate!!!

Candy Cane punch.

Edible Fruit Christmas Tree. Adorbs.

snowman punch...this site has some really cute snowman ideas!

1. What movie do you love to quote?
All kinds :) some of my favorite ones are by Nicholas Sparks!

2. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
yes if a crotch rocket counts :)bc i do not like actual harley's

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
lay around in my pj's n curled up in bed while watching movies :)

4. Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts, or one really big, (expensive) gift?
It would depend on what my really big gift was...

5. Do you ever lose track of days and show up somewhere wrong?
NO! I am way to organized to mess any of that up I have everything written down from wake to night.... a full day worth I do not miss nothing :)

1. My favorite thing about this week was the fact that I have gotten to spend plenty of time with Andrew even if I have been super busy with my new job & all :)

2. Cold weather makes me super grumpy & unhappy! All I wanna do is stay inside & say forget outside!

3. The three things that make me happy as of lately is: Andrew as always, my new job, & spending time with my amazing sweet family.

4. If I could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life I would choose to wear them all. I could never decide! I love my dressy shoes, flip flops & tennis shoes all I mean I am a versatile girl after all!

5. My personality type is bubbly!

6. I have a serious problem resisting Andrew! It is so so hard for those of you whom have known me for awhile know why its bad & such but that is a whole new topic alone....

7.  My favorite color to wear is blacks & browns!

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