Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm Thankful For....

Sweet ladies
I have decided that Since it is now November
& it is known best for Thanksgiving
I decided what better then to tell you what all I am thankful for
& since there is 30 days in the this month 
I am going to tell you 30 things I am thankful for :)

I would love to know what you sweet ladies are thankful for!
This is my first ever link up & I am so excited!
I have decided to let it run for a whole week...
So go tell your friends & have them link up too! 
I would love to see some new faces as well as old ones....

All you sweet ladies have to do is make a list of 30 things you are thankful for & tell me why you are thankful for them & use my picture below I done with what you are thankful for! Easy as that... I cannot wait to see what you sweet ladies are thankful for!

XOXO Ashleigh

I Am Thankful For:

1. My Parents! I am thankful to be the daughter of two loving, supportive people who adore me. My parents enabled me to experience many things, regardless of how much they sometimes worried. They have given me a wonderful life & always gave me what I asked for even though they never had too. They went above & beyond what some may have.

2. Andrew! I am thankful for him because he has been in my life for 9 years & without him I would be lost. He has without a dout always been my strong tower & I love him dearly.

3. Traveling to foreign countries! I am thankful my parents allowed me to travel with them as well as without them to foreign countries. It allowed me to see so many things that I would not have other wise seen if not for them. I loved that those places taught me to be thankful for the life  I have in good & bad times.

4. Amanda! I am so thankful for her. She is one of my best friends & she is amazing. I have loved that we have grown closer with each passing year. She completes my sentences as well as I complete hers. She is always around when I need her & I am the same when it comes to her.

5. Rachael! I am so thankful for her. She is my sister I never had & I love her dearly. It is so nice being able to see her grow into a nice young lady & even though she only is a few years younger then me I am still very protective of her & only wish the best for her. I love how she has blessed my life. She brings constant joy to my life by her being in it.

6. College! I am thankful that I was able to have amazing parents who sent me to college. I actually graduated college first with my first nursing degree before I graduated high school. Afterwards I attended college again after summer was up & now have yet again another nursing degree. I learned a lot during my college years that I never would have if I had not attended.

7. Nurse! I am thankful to be a nurse where I am able to help others in need. I have always had a gentle heart so I guess that is why I always leaned toward this. I am so compassionate about I do & I would never trade this for anything. Like everyone I have good & bad days but at least my good days out weigh my bad days.

8. Living in another state! I am so thankful that my parents allowed me to move to another state. They let me move to Savannah Georgia & I must admit to me that is my home. I loved it there so very much. It taught me that I love big city's but I also love being a southern belle most of all. I am so thankful that my parents let go of their baby girl so she could grown into their grown baby girl. I will always love them for letting me go & live my life my way.

9. Living on a farm! I am thankful that as a child I was able to live on a farm with my amazing parents. They had cows, pigs, horses, ducks, & such..... I always loved feeding the baby cows & then later I loved getting horses of my own.. Living on a farm taught me so much responsibility that I may have other wise never learned. I love all my horses & one of my favorite things to do is ride my babies :) n yes I call my horses my babies because that is exactly what they are too me.

10. Aunts! I am thankful for them all. Both my parents were blessed with big families which in turn allowed me to have tons of loved ones in my life. My aunts all are a huge part of my life & I am blessed to be able to share & celebrate things with them in my life.

11. Cousins! I have over 30 cousins & I am thankful for each of them. They are a huge blessing in my life & best of all we are all so close to one another. We do anything & everything together. Best of all I love how our family keeps growing because we all keep having kids of our own :)

12. Pinterest! I am thankful for finding out about pinterest. It has without a dout brought out the crafty girl in me that I always knew I had. I have loved decorating my whole life for every single holiday as well as birthdays. So of course once I found pinterst all I do now is design so many amazing things from wreaths, bows, & much more.

13. Walking for the cure! I am thankful that I was able to walk for two cures. It gave me such a great pride knowing that I could make a difference & show someone they mattered & was thought of. I love being able to raise awareness to others who may not know about certain things.

14. Accomplishing goals! To one degree or another, I tend to follow through on things. I thrive on  having goals to strive for & am happy that I have accomplished the majority of them.

15. Being a nice person! I am thankful that I am a nice person & truly care about others. I do not think you should get even with someone whom does you wrong because two wrongs does not make a right. It will not make you happy to do it instead show the other that they can never bother you & in the end they have to live a lonely life not you because they will never be able to find someone with the attitude in which they have.

16. Knowing when to quit! I am thankful knowing that I am able to walk away from things which does not make me happy. It is hard at first but knowing that their is something/someone out their better for me makes me have the guts to say I quit & I am now letting go. It is hard but in the end it was worth it to know you bettered yourself.

17. My house! I am thankful for my house that is so unique & so right for me. I love knowing that it is mine & I get to decorate it the way I want & paint it the colors & such which I love. I am truly blessed!

18. Alexa! I am thankful for her & I could never say it enough. She is my ex fiance daughter & I helped raised her from birth. I still remember the first time she called me momma. That was the best feeling in the world. I love my daughter & am so glad she is still in my life. she is now a thriving 4 year old  who is the light of my life. She is what I live for every single day & what keeps me going always. After my miscarriage of my twin girls she is what made me have better days because I did not have time to be sad or hate myself I had to move on & raise her whom at the time was only a little over 1 year old.

19. Fall! I am thankful for Fall season. I love every little thing about Fall from food, hayrides, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, Halloween, & so much more....

20. Family get togethers! I am so thankful that my whole entire family is close & that we are able to have family get togethers for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, summer bbq's, birthday parties, & even vacations together.

21. Digital Camera! I am thankful for my digital camera because it allows me to capture so many memories of my life that I will always be able to look back on & cherish. Photos are irreplaceable.  & it helps you to remember all those times in your life that you might have forgotten about.

23. Scrapbook! I am thankful for my scrapbooks because they are memories upon memories that I get to cherish for a lifetime through words as well as pictures.

24. Blog! I am so very thankful for my blog. I began my blog to tell my story of my life  & to be able to allow my family to see my life as well & then It grew into something so much more. I learned that I developed friendships & so much more with you sweet ladies & I now know it is so much more then just a blog for me & my family. 

25. Things to look forward to! I still have so many things I want to do both big & small & I look forward to accomplishing them all. Its so exciting to know I am doing what I set my mind too.

26. Hard times!  I am thankful for them because they have made me stronger & wiser & made my good times even better. Lessons learned & I am so thankful that I have learned the lessons in which I have.

27. Little things! I am so thankful to love all the little things & not so much the big things. To me the little things are what counts not the big things. I love things such as a hug, kiss on the forehead, cooking a meal together, watching a movie together alone, trying new things verses you buying me something big. I do not need something big I need you to show me you care which you do a great job at by the way....

28. Rainy days! As crazy as this may be I am thankful for rainy days it reminds me to always slow down & allows me to have thinking time & I also get pj day out of it as well as cuddle time & it makes cuddle time so much better I must admit.

29. Soldiers! I am thankful to every single man/women who as served or country. Some have lost so much. I see way to often how many people take for granite their life. I think for those who take life for granite maybe they should see the life of a soldier because not only does the soldier loose so much but so do the family of those soldiers. If a soldier dies they leave behind a family whom needed them & no longer can have them. All they are left with are just memories  & that seems so unfair if you ask me.... I can never say thank you to enough of them for what they do so couragelessly.

30. Followers! I am so thankful to know that I have followers whom care & want to know me & my life as well as me know theirs as well. You all truly give me many blessings. I love all my comments you write & I love writing you all sweet ladies back. I love that not only do you get to see my life & what it is like but I also get to do the same with you all. I feel like I have known several of you for a very long time although I havent...

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