Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Blog #2

Good morning everyone. My Georgia Peach has asked me to fill in for her while she is away on vacation. My name is Brandon & I live in Georgia. Ash use to live here & she loved it. She cannot wait until the day she returns & moves back for good. I guess you noticed by now that I called her my Georgia Peach & she is just that. I love the girl to death & gave her that nickname & it stuck. Not sure how or why it stuck but it did & she loves it. I know she has done warned me that this is a site that mainly only girls do which is fine better you all then me I would like to say. Most of us men could not care about these things but I know my Georgia Peach cares so I promised her I would do this. I even thought it would be quite fun to go through & look at everyone else who has one that she is friends with on here. Ash did not leave me a topic to talk about instead she said to talk about whatever I wanted too.

Since this is her blog I thought it only appropriate to talk about her in it so I think I want to talk to you all about the day her & I went downtown Chattanooga to the park! I know that may seem crazy but that day was so much fun & their was tons to do. I went on her facebook to steal the pictures because as you all have noticed by now I am sure you can tell that she loves her pictures. She takes more pictures then I know what to do with but @ least she will have those memories for forever so you cannot hate a girl for that. I even enjoy taking them with her. I mean after all who wouldn't.

This is Ash with my nephew. He was so little back then when this was taken. He is now one & running everywhere. Ash just had to get a picture with him as always & this just happened to be the day we were going to Chattanooga. Ash loves children so much & I know she will/is a great mother. She has that mother instinct always has since the moment I met her. I swear if she got lost from me it would be because she found some little one to love on or play with. I know She will spoil her kids rotten. I know she has Alexa but Alexa is a great little girl thanks to how Ash raised her.... So much love & joy! They are very close... Ok but anyway onto our day in Chattanooga.

I made her get a picture with this crazy rhino. However just let me tell you she was not happy that I took the cam from her. She was not allowed to take pictures only I was this day. Because she is always the one behind the cam taking them. I am sure to you all that this does not seem very high but let me tell you to ash it was high. She is only 5'3 so I had to hoist her up on this thing. When I did so I almost hit her head on those horns on that Rhino. My Georgia Peach gave me so many dirty looks for that one. I guess I could not blame her but at the time it was very funny to me....

This is us on the walking bridge. Ash loved how pretty it was & so did I. The best part of it all was the fact that it allowed us do almost anything we wanted to downtown once we crossed it. We were able to go the aquarium, railroad track area, downtown shops, restaurants, & much much more. I without a dout can honestly say we stayed their all day together & it was a blast we had so much fun & by the end of the day we both were so very exhausted to say the least. My Georgia Peach even passed out on the way back to the house. Bless her little heart! I love how we can always have fun together no matter what we are doing even if it is just staying in at the house to watch a movie we can still have so much fun cooking & what not she is all around an amazing person who is so full of energy & life. I love that quality about her... I love that we can enjoy the time spent together & have a blast while doing it.If only I could tell you all of every single adventure we have had together but I know that would take way too long...

So I know that this was not long but I did not know how long or short to make it so I thought I would be semi short & sweet so hopefully you all would read this. Ash will be at the wedding rehearsal tonight & getting pampered most of the day from what I heard on the phone last night. So I know she is enjoying herself then tomorrow will be the wedding in North Carolina then afterwards she is off to Gatlinburg for the remainder of her vacation. So you all will have her back come Monday.I am sure she will be glad to be back though..

Until next vacation time,

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