Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I am Lovin!

I'm loving:
1. That this week is almost over!

2. ThaI t little miss will be here any day 9 months is too long to wait for her!

3. That I finally gave in & have decided to have a weekly menu board... I caved!

4. That I have made homemade meals all week! Its so much better! The only days I am not making homemade meals will be Friday night & Sunday night... Reason why you ask? Well here is the answer :) Friday night I will be eating with my family and one of my aunt & uncles at the FARMHOUSE! It is an amazing place to eat @.... Then Sunday night will be several of us celebrating a friends birthday out :)

5. Here has been my cute lil menu this week :
Monday- Pinto beans, Cornbread, Sour kraut & weiners as well as Fried patatoes
Tuesday- Meat loaf, Creamy corn, & Glazed carrots
Wednesday- Chicken parm sandwiches, Devil eggs, Cheesy patatoes,& baked beans
Thursday- Cookie dough dip & Mini deep dish pizzas
Friday- Farmhouse with Family
Saturday- Cookout food! Football time....
Sunday- Eat out for Brian's birthday

6. That it is October oh so very much! Very sad that it will be ending before we know it :(

PS: I would love to have you lovely ladies follow me @

1 comment:

Shari said...

Doesn't menu planning make life SO much easier? I love it! :)