Wednesday, October 5, 2011




1. That I have had 2 mt dew per day this week! I have needed that extra sugar kick.

2. That I am complaining about deer hunting season! I am so over this cold weather! Sorry boys.

3. That I am getting angry because little miss refuses to come out, her due date is this Friday! She is milking this for all it is worth! UGH...

4. That my friends & I went to a 1 mile haunted woods! I loved it but I yelled when someone didn't like the dark & turned on their cell phone light! If you do not like walking in the dark then do not come to a haunted woods where there is no lights plain n simple..... Thanks sincerely me angry one....

5. That I have yet to pick out a Halloween costume for the Halloween party! I have been too busy planning it & have not had time for costume thought... OOPS...

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