Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Miss is finally here...

I know you have heard me talk non stop about lil miss,
Well guess what she is finally here!
I am filled with so much joy & happiness...
Words cannot even begin to describe how blessed I am.
Little miss turned my awful bad day into an amazing day :)

Lindsey was due this past Saturday,
However little miss was not ready to come.
Lindsey was suppose to get induced Tuesday but decided to wait,
Yesterday Lindsey went to see how her amio fluid was & to see what little miss weighed!
She got a phone call today saying they wanted her to come in & be induced because little miss was at 8 pds if not more....

Fast forward from morning to evening and at 5pm tonight little miss arrived into this world!
she had so many of us ready to greet her with open arms :)
We are glad she is here & now all we got left to do is spoil her like crazy....
I for one being her cousin will spoil her tons,
I spoiled her big sister Taylor whom I nicknamed Tay Tay & 12 years later she is still my favorite baby cousin.

Lindsey & Greg Ford as well as big sister Taylor Williams welcomed
Josie Layne Ford into the world on
Thursday October 13, 2011 @ 5pm
Weighing in @ 8pds 3oz
20.5 inches long 

I will post more pictures very soon I promise!
Oh did I forget to tell you all that this has given me baby fever!
I want a sweet little one of my own to love oh so badly....
I cannot wait until I am blessed with my sweet little angel :)

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