Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Nite Love

Oh ladies
Where do I even start @
Last night I got to spend time with my 3 sweet babies
However they are no longer babies :(
They are all 3 growing up 
Way to fast at that!

Scarlett is now 5  
She will be 6 Dec 29th :(
Christopher is 8
Ty is 3 almost 4 come January!
I miss them being little
Is that bad?

Last night was spend watching scary movies after scary movies
It was so much fun I am so glad they love them as much as me..
We of course had pizza as well.
We did have tantrums 
Sigh I was ready to scream & pull my hair out...
They are too old to act as a baby would n they know that!
I for the first time in a good while spanked Christopher & Scarlett
They of course were sent to time out...
Where was time out you ask?
Well it was sitting on one of the bathroom toilets with the door closed for 5 minutes.
I refuse to sit them in the playroom or bedrooms where they can have fun.
I want them to feel bad for acting up!

I love the fact that as much as I spank them, tell them no @ times they still respect me & me love me at the end of the day & want me to tuck them into bed to sleep. except for Scarlett Olivia she has to always sleep with me she refuses to sleep by herself when I am there. I just love her...
The boys did not let me take any pictures last night one of there non picture days I guess but scarlett let me take a few hint a few meaning 3 & that was barely. Normally she is always my picture girl. she would take them all day if I let her!

Please ignore that these pictures are not the greatest but lets be honest my sweet little ones last night was not so sweet nore were they in the picture taking mood & after all the stress of spankings & time outs I was not either so none of us cared what on earth we looked like I think the best one was the last one I took of sweet little miss sleeping....

Have a great weekend sweet ladies :)

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Megan said...

Adorable pictures!! I spent the day with my nieces and nephews today and I was freaking out about them growing up, too!! Time flies!!