Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I'm Lovin On this Rainy Wednesday!

I am lovin that this week has went by semi fast thank you Labor Day :)

I am lovin that my birthday is now only 3 days away I will be 23 gosh I am gettin old lol...

I am lovin  that this past weekend I got to spend it with some pretty amazing friends! I love them so very much :)

I am lovin that I am goin to have an amazing birthday weekend with some pretty amazing friends plans are as follows:
1. Drive to Nashville
2. Go to the Lake with friends 
3.Go to Spencers and get all kinds of birthday things to wear Ex: Sash, n such :) oh n PS I have never been inside a spencers before ever...
4. Go to lunch @ BW3 which is Buffalo Wild Wings
5. Go to my Birthday dinner with all my girls/guys!
6. Cheesecake factory for my birthday dessert ps I even thought bout puttin a candle in it then lightin it then blowin it out for my birthday cake :)
7 Best of all go out with the gang for my 23rd birthday **It will absolutely be an amazing weekend :)

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