Monday, September 5, 2011

Football Time!

Ladies this past weekend kicked off the college football season and I  could not have been any more excited needless to say! I was ready for it to begin :) My teams I am loving is Steelers, Flordia Gators, Florida State, Georgia Bulldogs, and lastly UT Vols :) yes that is right you read it correctly those are my favorite teams and I support them completely well minus when Gators n Vols go against one another I then wear a neutral color that way I can route for both teams smart thinking right? I thought so! What are your favorite teams ladies?

These are my nails :) I had them done orange for football season next time I will have to do an opposite color to rep for one of my other teams :)


This would be a pic of what my toe nails looked like as well :) No this is not a pic of my feet it was easier to type in orange toenails then to take a pic of mine n upload them :) sorry ladies maybe next time when i have more time I will upload my own  of my feet :)

One of my sweet dresses :) I also have a solid orange one with a T @ the bottom of it as well :) They are my newest ones that I am loving on me needless to say.... wish I could find me some in my other teams I would so buy them also :) n its a dress it dont get much better  then that <3

Georgia Bulldogs(21) VS  Boise State(35) **boo
Florida State(34) VS Louisiana Monroe (0)** yay
Florida Gators(41) VS Florida Atlantic(3)**yay
Tennessee(42) VS Montana(16)**yay

**So 3 of my 4 teams came out with a WIN that excited me needless to say :) I love my teams!

So since I do not have any cute dresses from my other teams I did manage to find some that I want one of my friends to make me which will be cheaper then buying them from the store. I hope you enjoy some of the pics I am posting ladies... here it goes :)

how cute right girls? I mean its got both the orange n blue :)

I love tube top dresses :)

I cannot wait to have this made for me :) is it not so adorable...


lovin it :)

kinda plain jane yet still adorable

lovin this  only because I am a georgia peach so how could I not love this :)

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