Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday To Me

Hello Ladies,
I have missed you all tons this past weekend!
I am sure by now you noticed I was MIA..
Well, I have a good reason why :)
It was my Birthday weekend...
I turned 23 on Saturday ;(
I am getting to old to keep turning older!
If only I could turn back younger instead of older, Darn...
I am gonna recap my amazing Birthday with you all! 
 Enjoy sweet ladies :)

I was having to work on Friday of course the day before my birthday when Jake called me and told me once I was off work to swing by the police station aka his work place! I love him for being such a brave one... I do not know that I could do what he does daily! I had a semi clue that he had something planned up his sleeve because all week all he did was ask tons of questions and told me to not ask why! We all know when men do that they got something important they are doing for us ladies right? well Jake did! When I arrived Jake, Ty, and Justin was all there to greet me with presents and an adorable birthday cake.... which just so happened to have my favorite colors on it minus the lime green not sure where they got that idea from !!

I love my cop boys what can I say! They are absolutely like brothers to me... They knew they would not get to see me all weekend or spend my actually birthday with me so they wanted to have me an early birthday thing which was fine by me... They however did not want any of the cake :( which meant I got stuck with it all! so people come visit me and I will share some with you I promise.... They only had time to give me the cake and presents then they got a call and had to leave I was instructed to take pics of me with my cake so once I arrived to my parents to go with them to my early birthday dinner I took pics for my boys :)

Before my early birthday dinner I took a few sweet pictures with the two people who gave me life which would be my lovely parents! I def did not take after my mother you will notice she is very white needless to say I was blessed with my daddy's skin however he has more Cherokee and Cheyenne Indian in him then I do so he will always be way darker then I am but I at least have some :)

For my early birthday dinner my parents, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Judy, Uncle Paul and I went and ate @ Cracker Barrel.... I loved being able to spend time with them they made the day before my birthday great :) I love my family needless to say I am truly blessed to so many amazing ladies and gentlemen in my life... 

Saturday morning came and I loaded my stuff up and left to head to Nashville TN for the weekend :) It was a super fun time overall for my birthday and from the plans the other time it had kinda changed but I was more then fine with that :) we ended up as follows:
1. Going to Buffalo Wild Wings
2. Which Witch
3. Car Show 
4. Shopping
5. Cheesecake Factory <3
6. Volleyball nite time
7. Downtown walking
8. Downtown Clubbing :)

** On a really sad note once I got to Buffalo Wild Wings to take Pictures I noticed my camera was not in my purse or my bag for that matter I had ended up leaving it at home where it could have been charged to take :( so I made out the best way I could with these other pics sorry ladies I was super sad and disappointed  at myself for leaving it :( I always take pictures of anything and everything... I still had my phone which had a cam on it but it was not the same and ten times harder to take pics :( :( :( **

Buffalo wild wings was good I will say more then likely because I love it and I was so so hungry by that point ;) I  have always gotten the 8 piece boneless chicken with sweet bbq sauce however this time I seen the cutest lil mini chili cheese dogs and wanted them... Since it was my birthday they brought me cake too it was some kind of chocolate cake which was really good 

I was super excited and ready to eat my food however once getting it I learned a valuable lesson called never ever get something different :( my little mini chili cheese dogs looked amazing on paper however were nasty for the taste :( I guess that is why you do not go to a chicken place and order something not chicken kind of like you would not go to a sea food restaurant and order something not seafood... Lesson was learned because all I ate was my french fries then me n all my friends ate the cake together and demolished it needless to say it was really really good :) I however did not have to pay for my food because my waitress said you did  not even eat it and I refuse to make you pay for something you did not eat because you did not like it :) she was so so sweet I gave her a good tip though :)

News Placement Image

I had never been to a Which Witch before until my Birthday :) I was still hungry from where I had not ate my food @ BW3 so the gang stopped here like an hour later for me :) how sweet of them right? I loved how you took a red sharpie marker and marked down exactly what you wanted with your name at the bottom and handed it to the lady behind the desk and she/ he made it then called your name to come get it once it was done... It was a absolutely a superior sandwich nothing compared to Subway it was by far 10x better I must say... if you have not tried it you should at least once :) I will have it now more often as I go to downtown Nashville :)

We all ended up going shopping and shockingly enough the boys even joined us but us girls made it fun for them ( this is a point where I truly missed not having my cam because their would have been so many amazing pictures) after shopping we went to meet some more friends @ the car meet for a little bit then went and played night time volleyball so much fun by the way did I mention I played in a dress? actually several of us girls did.....

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake (x2)

Chocolate Truffle Cheescake (x2)

Original Cheesecake (x2)

Red Velvet Cheesecake (x2)

We also ended up eating :
 Fried Popcorn Shrimp (x2)
Sweet Patato Fries (x1)
Friend Mac n Cheese (x2)
Dynomite Shrimp (x1)
Crispy Crab Cakes (x2)

We ordered a ton to eat and just got individual plates and shared all our food we thought that was a really good idea and we loved it :) and then for the bill we just divided it between the 8 of us and it worked out amazing :)

walking bridge in downtown :)




Let me start by saying I loved my night out with my friends downtown for my birthday another sad moment though is that it was raining so I did not even bother taking anything with me by the time we all went to the clubs n such so there is no pictures of us all together which saddens me :( I will however soon redo that night and take tons of pictures because that is just how I am needless to say I am very strong willed if you cannot tell hehe.... I love my friends and will never pass up an opportunity to have us all together in a picture especially something as important as a birthday...

 A memory of that night would have to be us girls in our high heels and dresses running a whole block in the pouring rain together... that will forever be a memory that will last a liftetime.... Needless to say our hair no longer looked adorable and our make up well was not so hot either but it was my birthday and I was gonna have a blast reguardless  :) 

Happy 23rd Birthday to me :)


emenchho said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope you enjoyed the weekend birthday celebrations! :) I think life gets better the older I keep looking forward to the future. It's not about the number anyway! ;) ha

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Thank you! I did enjoy my birthday weekend it was amazing being able to share it with my family & friends...