Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Commencment Ceremony :) 5.7.11

     Tessa and Matthew graduated with their master degree. They did such a good job and I am proud of them both. I have some pretty nice pictures of the graduation. However, I will be honest I took the most pics of their son sweet baby E. I just love love love him to death. Brent and I are not in his hometown as much as it would be nice so we do not get to see any of his family very much but when we do I soak it all in and enjoy it to the fullest. I think of his 2 sisters as my sisters already. and well Tessa and Matthews little sweat baby E is already like a nephew to me and I love it. I just love his family.. Here are some pics of the ceremony. I cannot put them all up on here because Brent's mother has the other ones with me in them so for the most part I will not be in these lol. Once I get her copy of the thing I will then post the ones of me in them :) hope you enjoy!! oh n ps their are some funny ones :)

brother n sister

nannie, brent, tessa, mimi

matthew tessa mimi Elijah Darrell

Brent and I

Matthew Tessa Elijah and Matt's parents

funny pic

Mommy, Daddy, and baby

daddy and son

he found a bike on the ground and wanted to play with it

our lil graduate several several years from now

love that precious smile

our little monkey in the tree :)

stick game has began

pick up sticks game he found amusing

Not ready yet as you can see

The sun was way to bright we both were squintin our eyes

Super focused

Hims was coloring with mimi n Darrell

Tessa sent me this on their way home he was exhausted from the trip

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