Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anjelica's Bachelorette Party

     Bridge and I threw Anjelica a Bachelorette party we had so much fun to say the least but in the midst of having so much fun we all forgot to take pics of the games we did,the food, and decor :( oops! I did however manage to get a few hehe but not as many as I would have liked. We had hotdogs, french fries, 2 punches, cake, chips 3 types, and so so much more but here are the pics that was taken :)

Tember n I

Rach n I

Jess n I

me n Rach

Britta n I

Jess n I

Anjelica n I

Bridge n I

Josh n I

Derrick n I

Tember n I

Britta, Rach, Jess, Tember, Ann, Bridge, Jess, I

Trav n I

Micheal n I

Britta n Tember

Bridge n I

Ann, Derrick n I

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