Tuesday, May 10, 2011


1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?
2. Are you a "shower" or a "long, hot bath" kind of person?
3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it?
4. What is your favorite Easter candy?
5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday?

1.To get together with all my family have an Easter dinner outside, then play tons of games n so forth with the kids that is the joy of having a huge huge family :)
2. Shower girl by far :)
3.I can however I choose not to because i hate it so last time I did parallel park was prob when I was 16 and getting my license so almost 8 years ago
4.tuff one ugh marshmellow chocolates :)
5.Easter Bunny!!!

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